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MSW is a big problem for the cities in Indonesia, since the population are growing and so the volume of MSW are also growing every year. Most of the cities are still using “the sanitary landfill open dumping system” as can be seen in figures below.


                                      MSW at dumping site                                                                         Gas emissions from landfill


This system needs a lot of land. Normally one landfill area of 5 up to 10 ha would be full in around 10 – 15 years and after that the city or local government had to open a new one.

The landfills contribute for more than 2 % of greenhouse gas emissions annually.

It is not easy to look for a new dumping site, since the people in that area will refuse it.

Now MSW is also considered as :

  • Source of recycle material (plastic, paper, metal etc.)
  • Source of compost and
  • Renewable energy (RFD, electricity and CNG)

With an integrated processing technology MSW can be processed into sources of recycle materials, compost and renewable energy

The Sorting of MSW




Recently PT. Tirtakreasi Amrita has extended its business line into an integrated MSW processing plant and can offer solutions to the cities in Indonesia to master the MSW problems.

We adapted the newest technology in MSW processing such as the pyrolysis gasification and the zero waste management.

The schematic diagram of MSW processing plant is shown below.



PT. Tirtakreasi Amrita and its partner are willing to invest and operate the MSW –processing plant for the cities and local government of Indonesia based on :

  • BOT concession for 25 – 30 years
  • Tipping fee from the cities or local government
  • PPA for the BOT period with a price of USD 0,185/kWh
  • Land support
  • All permits and license to build the processing plant

The produced electricity from MSW processing’s plant is considered as renewable energy, and the State Electricity Company (PLN) is obliged to buy them.

We will help the cities and local government to overcome the MSW problems and to reduced air pollution, protect the environment and create new high skill job!